Build a better blog for your Polish business

A company blog is a great marketing tool. It will allow you not only to provide the latest information from the life of the company but also to communicate with customers. Thanks to it, you can also build a brand image, and also present the products and services presented. Running a blog requires a lot of work and assigning at least one employee, at least part-time, to operate the blog. However, it is worth doing, as the benefits are numerous. So where to start building a blog and how to run it the best way? See for yourself by discovering our tips and tricks.

Blogging for your company in Polish

To start your blogging adventure, pick a good CMS, which is blog software. While there are several types of software that you can use to create your blog (eg Joomla, TypePad), WordPress is the best and virtually unrivaled choice. This excellent CMS is intended for both beginners and advanced users. Most importantly, WordPress is Open Source software and is completely free. It allows you to edit and add new posts, pages, multimedia, all in the WYSIWG editor, as long as you set it instead of the default block editor. It can be easily expanded with new functionalities, thanks to the large number of plugins and templates that we can download from the official repository. It also allows you to create user accounts, so you can assign roles to other employees – editors of the Polish company blog.

Then think about the concept before writing your first articles. Plan the categories as well as any tags used. Set how often you will write new entries on it and arrange your Polish copywriting accordingly. Remember that in WordPress you can queue new entries, setting them to be automatically published for any day and time. It’s a good idea to decide what content to post with your colleagues. The entries may include not only messages from the company, but also the presentation of a new offer, and even news from the corporate life of employees, for example, a report from a company trip. The blog is also a great opportunity to present the team’s achievements in the field of CSR, that is Corporate Social Responsibility. Thanks to you, you can show how the company gives charity, describe the details and ideas of the campaign, and post photos.

Promote your posts on social media. Don’t forget to promote your entries. If your company runs Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube channel, let your fans know that there’s a new post. Write a few encouraging sentences on why you should read the latest blog article. You can also use the newsletter for this, which you can easily integrate into your Polish WordPress blog. It allows you to regularly send messages about news directly to subscribers’ e-mail boxes. Additional promotion tools can be provided by a company page, which can also be linked to a blog. You can also promote the blog with paid ads, as long as your company has a sufficiently large budget.

Take care of the analytics. Install any visitor tracking tools on the website, such as Google Analytics. It is a powerful piece of software that will keep you current visitors and display complete details of who is visiting our blog. It shows the sources of visitors and even their demographics. Thanks to this, you can even better adapt the content to your visitors, increasing the marketing potential that will flow from your entries. Experts can also set up conversion goals, such as subscribing to a newsletter or any other action. This is mainly useful for websites where you sell (such as online stores or Polish tech content writing), but you can also use it for your blog. Of course, you should remember to add all the necessary information about the cookies that will collect this data on the website.

Also, stand out graphically. Installing a WordPress template is very simple and you can do it with a few clicks. The finished template can then be freely adapted, although it requires a bit more work. Use the demo data import feature to fill your blog with ready-made content that you can then adapt to your needs. Of course, don’t forget to delete these so-called dummy dates afterward. Include a good photo in each article. You can download such photos from portals that post stock photos. Additionally, articles can be distinguished with charts or infographics. It is even worth preparing some interesting memes related to the company and its activities. They cannot offend anyone, but if you prepare them cleverly enough, you can count on them to spread on social media. Also, add interesting color elements and divide the entry into sections and paragraphs, separating them with headings. It’s also worth adding with one or even two numbered lists. Thanks to this, your article will simply be better. Do you have any blogging tips? Let us know in the comments and share your successes.

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