Chinese Herbs Benefits and Impact on Health

It has almost always been known that tea has a positive impact on health or even on some aspects of human functioning. We say “almost” because simply the properties of the various infusions have been discovered very early, even long before the so-called. Our era, not to mention modern times. The teas were used in folk medicine since the ancient times, and the amazing properties of the herb are now being investigated in specialised laboratories and, interestingly, it is almost always apparent that the sensible practices had a rational justification, ie. That the herbs actually work as it was claimed a long time ago. So, how does tea affect health?

This question does not have a clear answer, because it all depends on what particular tea we are talking about. And so for example. Black teas, the most popular in our country, have a predominantly stimulant effect (hence some drink them in the morning instead of coffee). Similar energizing action also has green tea. This additionally acts as a diuretic and accelerates the burning of body fat. Slimming properties are also attributed to red tea (in Chinese called Pu-erh), but many people drink it mainly because it promotes digestion and regulates the work of the intestines.

White tea has a very positive effect on the condition of the skin as it provides many antioxidants. What about herbs? Purek assists the body’s immune system, thereby counteracting the same infections; Lemon Balm and Angelica Root act as a discontraction. Chinese medicine Aliexpress provides plenty of opportunities to get natural treatments.

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The former also has a sedative effect; Black Malwa regulates the menstrual cycle; White mullion lowers blood sugar levels; The Yarer promotes digestion and stimulates the production of bile; Pravelaz relieves stomach pains caused by quasi-ulcers; Sage prevents excessive sweating; Chamomile and Bratek fight acne; Papaya leaves support protein digestion; The raspberry and Linden Blossom will work; Nettle has a diuretic effect and promotes detoxification of the organism and cares for the urinary tract; Horsehair improves the condition of the skin and nails; Ruta strengthens the blood supply of genital organs, etc. How many teas, so many properties, and therefore the reasons to start them regularly drink. We really find that we can make teas with exactly the properties that we most care about. Of course, it is sometimes necessary to have medical help if we really have some serious health problem, but often the means known for centuries are proving to be absolutely sufficient. So why do you have to be stuffed with supplements or drugs, since we can cope with some ailments ourselves? And they’re natural, not artificial flowers China.

I had the opportunity to take a closer look at the work of our colleagues in China, thanks to the organization of business visits organized by our company. From the airport we drove to a pretty nice and modern hotel, then straight to the tea plantation, juicy, green and beautiful. We expected to become an idyllic Chinese landscape full of villagers in rice hats, the peasant-carrying tea leaves, but we have replaced something different. What we saw, rather, did not join the concept of China which is widely known in Europe and in the country of the middle of which pictures can be seen in tourist folders.

First of all, all farming was incredibly mechanized and even robotized. No peasant in bamboo hats, and instead the brand-new tractors of American company John Deere and similar to them some Chinese brand, probably in a more or less successful way copied their design. The research station with modern equipment and connected computers, showing the humidity of the air, the amount of exhaust and many other things, described on the monitors of Chinese bushes so I could not understand them anyway. The farmers themselves were sure to look cleaner and tidy than the Polish workers, in the same blue suits and in some hat-helmets on their head. In a disciplined way, they ran machines and conducted a movement. In the halls where the leaves of a broken tea and other plants have been rolled, I guess some Chinese herbs of traditional folk medicine, which are not known in Europe at all, and which are grown there in bulk and sells later in pharmacies as various specifics, There were clean production lines on which the leaves were sorted, later cleaned steam, and then fell into large plastic containers (similar to our wheeled trash bins), so that they could go somewhere later, probably to Packaging into single bags that contain dried flowers Aliexpress. All this seemed like a concert of a conductor, managing a great orchestra.

And that was just the beginning of our impressions. As you can see, it differs from the image of the country, which for some reason we have persisted. So here I will describe my insights and adventures from your remedy.

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