Clad in Silk

Silk is a luxury fabric-it is probably everyone agrees. The thread is soft, delicate and pleasant to the touch, it is made from the cocoons and is characterized by a specific, slightly shimmery appearance. Someone once said that women love diamonds – silk is just such a diamond among fabrics. There is a great way to look at it, and it always adds to the pattern and elegance, perfectly shows our status or the one to which we Aspire and awakens the envy of my girlfriends, which is especially pleasing when they are by a lady dressed in silk disliked.

The silk is associated with various curiics. Firstly, the history of silk dates back to the time of the year 3600 before our era. This is indicated by the excavations carried out in China, during which it was found in a province of the same time a scrap of this equation material. Another curiosity is, for example, A legend originating in China (silk is originally a Chinese material, i.e. from China it derives, there was developed a method of its production), which says that the first thread from the cocoon of Silkworm pulled the Empress by chance, which the husband asked to check what Destroys the Mulberry in his garden. Well, it is worth mentioning here that from one Silkworm cocoon can acquire up to 1.6 kilometers of thread. That’s a really amazing result, and all these Aliexpress silk scarves are available online.

Another interesting thing related to silk is that they do not wear it dieting vegans. Vegans, recall, people who have eliminated from the daily diet (and the festive also) all products of animal origin. They also oppose the exploitation of animals in every other field, e.g. Do not eat honey, do not wear leather clothes and shoes, do not buy cosmetics tested on animals.

As silk is extracted from insect cocoons, it is a zoonotic product, and therefore the use of it is incompatible with the Orthodox vegan worldview. Surely there are, and such vegans, who just use for industrial sills do not bother, because, as always, some ideology (because it is possible to define veganism) has many shades, not everyone wants or knows her absolutely Subordinate, but if we are talking about a community formulated as such, the prohibition of buying silk clothes and accessories is one of them.

Silky China

silk from china

Women’s cabinets are filled not only with clothes, but also various types of accessories-shoes, bags, straps… Often there are also scarves and shawl. These two stylish and incredibly elegant and subtle extras never go out of fashion. Why? First of all, because they are available in an infinite number of colors and patterns, making them universal. They will not only fit almost any style of dressing, but also for every type of beauty-skin, eye color.

Hence, they can wear them, if of course they choose them well, both the ladies being so. In spring, summer, autumn and winter. And further, scarves and shawl for women can be used for shopping, school, work, date or regular walk, but it is worth knowing that this applies mainly to the first and small khust, because these large sizes are worn for example. On the beach. Hence, if we talk about the universal application of the scarf, we mean those with smaller dimensions. Even formal occasions such as An exam or a job interview or business meeting does not entail the need to abandon the establishment of a scarf. We only need to avoid those too very pstrokatych, but the addition, in itself, fits perfectly even to the white shirts. Apaszek is not worn on occasions requiring evening or cocktail dresses, but in this type of cases it is best to check for women’s corsets.

These are made from e.g. Silk can be successfully cast on the back, e.g. Leaving the banquet, instead of the mantle, if, for example, Outside is already warm. And speaking of silk, it is worth looking at what is sewn scarves or scarves for women. Thus, the fabrics that are used for this are delicate and pleasant to the touch. In addition to silk, it is for example. Thin chiffon. The fact that these additives are made of such, and not other materials, is necessary, because only they are arranged in a suitable, desirable way. However, you can say with full conviction that the choice of materials is also an advantage of these additives. It makes them look even more subtle and even more feminine. Let us note that a strange hit is that the crinked scarf on the neck adds lightness, girdy charm. Well, are there any age restrictions to wear the scarves and the chust? Absolutely not! They can successfully buy and assume both teenagers and young and mature women.

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