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At the outset, I would like to apologize to you for the fact that the entry appears with a gentle delay, unfortunately I have been overwhelmed by work in recent weeks. However, I found a moment to visit Liberalitas again and spend some time with another of our charming heroes. Since Ulrik and Eltcreed are together like parrots-inseparables, I decided to refocus on their thread, but this time from the perspective of the younger one. Have a nice reading!

I will honestly admit that Ulrik’s creation in Eltcreed’s thread on average appealed to me. First – as you probably know, I don’t like young people. Secondly – I do not lose for tsundere. So I’m not hiding that I had to treat it as a rather annoying duty, hoping to at least tell a story in my heart.

Ulrika we meet in quite unusual circumstances. The boy comes to our front when we wander around the Sanctuary district in search of work and after hours of fruitless spearing around the city we die from desire. Ulrik shares his beech with us, after which he proposes to work with Eltcreed. At first we refuse, but over time a series of quite unpleasant events and guilt associated with the inability to find employment convince us that going to the Depths is the only option. Ulrik becomes our guide, but it’s hard to call his companion pleasant. The young man constantly gives us an understanding of how much he despises us and cares nothing about him (which, as you know, actually means something completely different), but he does his job well and soon we are in the estate of the greatest Liberalitas. Eltcreed again proposes to us to serve as his personal knight, which Ulrik considers nonsense in a world where firearms reign supreme. We quickly convince ourselves that both men have a unique bond, although they seem like nothing to do with each other. We also learn that Ulrik is Eltcreed’s personal spy and knows about the Depths of virtually everything, and his work is primarily about gathering information.
It is therefore not difficult to guess that the fucha of our humorous hero is dangerous and requires information from not necessarily good people who play Marchen Nocturne hentai.

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One such person is Vice – the leader of the arcane organization Rafale, which plans to assassinate the Heights. Ulrik is theoretically an honorary member because of her family ties, but in practice considers the leader’s views to be an amazing bullshit, even though he himself hates people who long ago left their brothers from Depth to the pasture of fate and built a giant tower where the privileged live. For this reason, she did not sympathize with ourselves either. Of course, it is not difficult to guess that over time this changes, but in order to be possible, we need to know Ulrik’s unhappy story and see that his eternal flies in his nose are not the result of wanting to bury us at all costs, but a traumatic past. Only then will we be able to play hentai games. Especially since they will not go back from anything.

Ulrik’s drama is that the railways of his fate have never been the result of his own decisions. Since he was a child, he did what he had to provide himself with the opportunity to survive. Although his family’s story has covered the Depths with boast, the city itself has no reason for the sentiments. No wonder, then, that the boy sees no point in attaching himself to anyone and nothing, and almost all his existence closes in a successful job. He is cwany, cunning and unscrupulous. He believes that everyone gets what he deserves in life, so he doesn’t along the way with compassion. In the light of his philosophy, someone murdered in a dark street apparently had to fall stronger than himself and a natural selection worked. Of course, it is not difficult to guess that somewhere under this shell of a small hardliner there is a sensitive man, but we also do not have here to transform sexy asian girls in a butterfly and he does not at some point become a warm-clad bowl. Until the very end, he has something of a marudy, which is charming in his own way, as does his hatred for eating carrots and weakness for sweets. I also really liked the fact that despite his bad experience, he tries to organize his life, and despite the apparent homelessness, however, he has a place that he can call a house and in which he dumps all masks.

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I was also pleased that, despite the dubious morality of apparent cowardice, he can act decisively and courageously, and take full responsibility for his actions. In my personal feeling, he has much bigger eggs than Eltcreed, who, despite the power and influence of the occasion, behaves like a drama queen.
However, there is no rose without spikes, and although Ulrik’s story from a story line was very satisfying to me, it caught my eye with her not entirely exploited potential. Mainly because if we lead the thread to a happy ending, then there is nothing in it. Or rather, it occurs, because it descends into the Depths, but then as a character is completely forgotten. And it would be a pity – in my opinion it would be great if our former partner joined Vice and thus made a man also our antagonist. I also had a little bit of a show of rafale’s organization itself, which, due to Ulrik’s opinions, appears to be a player rather as a bunch of uneducated pataƂachs than a worthy final scene opponent. At some point, her representatives kidnap us and throw poison into taimanin asagi hentai, the place where dead bodies are stored. Someone who has any notion of biology is certainly able to imagine that this place is a hatchery of diseases, stench and worms, so something that could soften the steam even the greatest hardliner. In my opinion, Ulrik’s rescue comes too quickly – it would be great if he hadnot wooe the girl, who immediately afterwards simply droczy with him (as if nothing had happened), and someone who actually waits for his arrival. I also ran out of more typically romantic scenes – it’s not bad in this respect, but the confession of love follows as much for me definitely too late.

However, despite these few shortcomings, I consider Ulrik’s story worthy of command, and I do not hide that so far the boy has become my favorite tsundere – I am able to understand what the protagonist sees in it. His thread was also one of the few opportunities for me to believe what the relationship between the two tsundere looks like in practice. Both our hentai heroine and the other asian girl are people who sooner pour a bucket on someone than admit that she is cool, which in an emotional issue means a real ride without holding and you can see it. And although our protagonist drops faster from the tone and tries to be nice to the boy, he can wipe his nose to the very end. You can see there is a little reason in saying that whoever he likes, he likes. It’s not hard for me to imagine them as a happy couple, which is proof that Steam Pirson is a good otome game. Maybe it’s not perfect, but it definitely knocks out above genre mediocrity and tells really interesting stories. So if you haven’t visited Liberalitas yet, don’t hesitate and be dropped into the mysteries of the depthworld. Especially since your guide will be the best spy you can imagine.

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