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Does breastfeeding/pumping help mom?

Many women are unaware of the benefits that breastfeeding can do for them. Breastfeeding makes the body produce oxytocin which will help the uterus get back to its normal size more quickly, and it also helps the uterus to contract and prevents postpartum hemorrhage. A number of studies have shown other potential health advantages through breastfeeding: Mothers burn between 200-500 calories extra a day which can help get those extra unwanted pounds off quicker. Lactating mothers who breast feed have been shown to increase their bone density which could result in a lowered risk of osteoporosis, which can reduce hip fractures in menopausal women. The prolonged suppression of ovulatory cycles appears to be associated with significant long-term benefits…..Mothers who breast feed for at least 6 months throughout their lifetime have a decreased risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancers. You should also pick some lingerie for a breastfeeding. Not only you’ll feel comfortable, but also sexy for your partner. Check some Aliexpress lingerie and pick one that you want to wear.

Are there cost benefits to breastfeeding?

Most definitely. Think about it like this, not only are you saving on the cost of formula depending on the type and brand your baby will tolerate, (prices could range from $19.95 to $28.95 every 3-4 days in the first few months of life), but you will also be saving on medical costs. It has been documented that breast fed babies are less likely to get sick which saves on doctor’s visits, co-payments, medications, and admission to the hospital. How about the costs saving from not having to miss work? In an article called “Breaking Through the Barriers to Breastfeeding”, The Economic Research Service of USDA recently estimated a minimum savings of $3.1 billion if breastfeeding rates increased from the 1998 rates to those recommended by the US Surgeon General (a minimum of breastfeeding infants for six months). In addition to the savings in direct medical costs, documented data is emerging that indicates economic benefits to companies who support breastfeeding mothers. This will lower maternal absenteeism due to infant illness, increased employee loyalty, improved productivity, and enhanced public image. There are few parallels for such under use of a recognized cost-effective and socially beneficial health practice. It’s not that hard, especially if you have comfortable lingerie from Aliexpress.

Breastfeeding…. The first two weeks!

This is the time that can be referred to as “boot camp”. Breastfeeding is very natural, however it is a learned behavior for mothers as well as babies. This is why it is so important to have support. Being new mothers is very stressful the first few weeks and talk about being tired! But remember the benefits to your baby and to yourself are tremendous so don’t give up and soon it will all come naturally to you both. Here are some helpful hints on how to get through…..

  • Try to place your baby to the breast as soon as possible after birth.
  • Get help at the hospital….most have lactation consultants on hand to assist you.
  • Do not introduce pacifiers to early.
  • Nurse on demand(can be twelve feedings a day in the beginning)
  • Nurse as long as the baby wants, try not to impose too many restrictions on the length and frequency of breastfeeding
  • Breast feed before your baby gets to the screaming stage
  • The key to successful breastfeeding is a proper latch, make sure your baby’s mouth is opened wide and that as much of your areola is covered.
  • Hold your baby close to you while you are breastfeeding.
  • Support your breast and back! Get comfortable and buy lingerie from China.
  • Call a local lactation consultant if you need help….they are a great support!
  • Sore nipples…Remember the most common reason is not a proper latch!
  • Use cold compresses to relieve sore nipples, use Lanolin, don’t wash nipples with soap, it can dry them out.

Is my baby getting enough milk?

One of the most common concerns of breastfeeding mothers is: how can I be sure my baby is getting enough milk? Well, there are several ways to tell. One is by the number of wet diapers he/she has in a day. Make sure he/she has at least six wet diapers per day with pale yellow urine, beginning around the third or fourth day of life. Your infant should also have several small bowel movements daily (there may be one after every feeding in the first few weeks). During the first week of life, your infant should have at least two stools per day. From about 1 to 4 weeks old these should increase to at least five per day. As your baby gets older, bowel movements may occur less often, and may even skip a number of days. Bowel movements of breast fed babies usually smell somewhat sweeter than the stools of formula fed babies. Your baby’s feeding patterns are also an important sign that he/she is feeding enough.

A newborn may nurse every 1½ to three hours around the clock. If your baby sleeps for stretches of longer than four hours in the first two weeks, wake him/her for a feeding. Listen for gulping sounds to know that your baby is actually swallowing the milk and not just sucking. Also look for slow, steady jaw movement. Your baby should be steadily gaining weight after the first week of life. During the first week, some infants lose several ounces of weight, but they should be back up to their birth weight by the end of the second week. Your pediatrician’s office will weigh your baby at each visit. Keep in mind that your baby may breast feed more often during growth spurts.

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