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Today a short story about the fact that it is worth giving a second chance. Hentai Nymph is another title from well known maker, which was supposed to win Steam and once again allow players to see about the quality of the titles created by this studio. Unfortunately, in fact, Nymph did not have an easy start at all. This eroge features a lot of cool puzzles and interesting forging element, giving you tons of fun. It’s available online and there’s not too much microtransactions.

To this day, I get a lot of messages asking if it’s worth buying this game, since its ratings rank as Really Good. Meanwhile, the problem is not in the game itself, and in the fact that after the launch many people could not run it. Fortunately, after a few patches, the problem has been solved and today I can answer with a clear conscience: “If you don’t have this game yet, then you make a huge mistake”.

Play with beautiful nymphs

However, as we approach her, the girl seems inhuman enrage and transforms with a monstrous creature. From the need for confrontation, we are saved by a mysterious man in a red cape, who confesses that he has also recently returned to his senses and has no idea where he is. We decide to stick together and play adult games. We find the exit door and hopefully try to open them, but it turns out that they will not shake. Then we are also attacked by two monsters, which this time sent to the sand dressed in a white young man in a lick mask. After all, it just disappears without showing us any interest. However, another man does this, this time in a green cape, who rides on the same cart as us and invites us to the hiding place organized by him. Along the way we find two other hapless people and already in the set we go to a safe place.


Beautiful hentai nymph – and she can shed some clothes in Merge Nymphs

There it comes to light that none of us completely remember how he found himself in the estate, who he is and what it is called. All our memories have been erased. Each of us, however, has a mobile phone with him, using which he receives mysterious messages with instructions about escaping this dark nightmare. It turns out that we are suspended between life and death, somewhere between cardiac arrest and the ultimate transition into the underworld. We can still return to the world of the living and regain our memories, but to do so, we must kill monsters circulating around the estate – which are in fact people who have lost hope of leaving the estate and plunged into despair with because of the wines they have made during their lives – and collect the shards they leave, which in turn should be placed in a special kaleidoscope. Our supply is taken care of by a lovely little girl in a bunny mask, and we accept the fact, that it’s some adult eroge game.

At first, we behave towards ourselves as a group of girls who share a common goal. After a while, however, we begin to recover some of the memories and it turns out that we know from the previous life. As children, we were all friends, but something happened along the way that left us apart forever, and Hikage caught up in a hospital bed and plunged into a coma. However, not only is the past bathed in darkness – we quickly convince ourselves that in the estate, too, not everything is what it seems, and seemingly the simple task of collecting glass shards becomes a journey deep into each other, which is not necessarily the case. we would like to take place. In addition, by trying to get closer to boy in the teddy mask we quickly convince ourselves of the truthfulness of saying ,”You are responsible for what you have brought”.

nymph hentai

In terms of story, the story is told phenomenally and it is not entirely clear who is who and who we can really trust. I have a lot of otome games behind me, and yet this nymph hentai game surprised me in really many fields. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautifully and mature lyses of the stories of love that is satisfied in many fields. I also have to very much praise the creation of male heroes: at first glance they seem to be quite schematic (especially Hikage, which even by the creators was hailed in one of the history of side tsundere), but the further into the forest, the more it draws the depth they have hidden from us and the fact that each of them has a story to tell. She also applause for the protagonist, who plays a really important role in the story and even received her own voice-acting.

Interestingly, the title has a slightly different mechanics than the average visual novel game. The paths are divided into the main chapters and side stories that we unlock, playing a mini-game consisting of shooting black butterflies (unfortunately not liquid, making it unsatisfying). Thanks to this, we can better understand individual characters without simultaneously disturbing the mainstream story, which is a pretty good option and allows for a much easier reminder of the order of the following events.

The whole thing is complemented by a really beautiful soundtrack (unfortunately, looping songs is not smooth, so in places you can get the impression that the game stutters) and an equally beautiful visual setting that makes the game even more fairy-tale character. And in fact, she also resembles a fairy tale – dark, brutal and one in which the nymph never reaches grandma’s house.
The answer to the question of whether I recommend nymph hentai game should therefore be obvious. For me, it’s undoubtedly the best game released this year on PC and one of those that remindmemes me of what i actually love this genre of hentai games. Therefore, if you stop to see if you buy it, do not hesitate any longer. She will return you everything in reference.

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