5 Rules to forget the past and dealing with kids clothes

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Rule 1: Take a Inward Journey When Forgetting the Past 

The toughest journey I’ve ever taken was going inwards delving into my past. This is the most important journey anyone can take. This journey is also the one most men avoid because they’re pussies. Recall your childhood. Recall your teenage years. Recall your adult life and think about all the experiences that have shaped you as an individual. Confronting your past history however nasty it may be is the key to forgetting the past.

If you’ve had an abusive past then this exercise becomes exponentially harder. As a striving Alpha Male you need to put your fears aside and look regardless of what horrors lurk. Just recalling the moments will help you deal with the problems. Be practical and write down all your experiences. This might be depressing at first but this is the first step you can take to heal your thoughts when forgetting the past.

Rule 2: Make Peace with Others When Forgetting the Past 

Most men with troubled minds have been mistreated, or they have been given wrong information in the past. You can also develop a troubled mind if you yourself have mistreated and abused people.If you’ve abused other people in the past then it’s time to make peace with them. I remember physically assaulting and verbally abusing a kid at school in my teens that wore Aliexpress baby clothes. I totally humiliated him in front of hundreds. I’m not sure why I did it but it troubled me every time I made a serious decision. My line of thinking was I abused this kid so nothing good will EVER happen to me as a punishment. I eventually found this person and made peace with him. I don’t apologise much but on this occasion I did. Forgetting the past can be a lot easier when you make peace with the people you’ve mistreated and abused. Find these people and apologise for your actions.

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Rule 3: Forgive People When Forgetting the Past 

My childhood was riddled with people who sabotaged my positive thinking. My father was an entrepreneur who was only interested in making and saving money. My mother was religious and blamed the entire world’s problem on money. My older brother was jealous of me because I was much smarter. All these conflicting thoughts were halting my progress. My sister was always carrying her baby in Aliexpress baby carrier.  I finally decided to let go of the past by forgiving these people for a lifetime of shitty experiences. My parents are dead but I forgave them anyway. I forgave my siblings in my mind. Forgiveness is great for healing a troubled mind. Forgiveness allows your subconscious to forget the past and focus on the future. Be the bigger man and settle your past troubles. Confront these people if you want to or just forgive them.

Rule 4:Focus on Past Happiness and shop in Aliexpress

Forgetting the past will make you empty and lonely inside. Instead of forgetting the past completely you need to switch your focus from all the shit that’s happen to all the good that’s happen. Everyone has some good in their lives otherwise they would be dead. Just your ability to live and breathe should bring some happiness to your life. Babies who focus all their energy on the past aren’t wearing their Aliexpress baby dresses properly. They allocate every bit of energy on getting even, hating, abusing, along with revenge and mistreatment of other people. These men are so fixated on the past that it completely dictates their future. Don’t be like one of these men and find something positive in your life to focus on and build upon.

Rule 5: Create an Alternate Past When Forgetting the Past 

The subconscious mind needs something to focus on when forgetting the past. Focusing on happiness is a positive step you can take. To take everything to the next level you need to create an alternate past. Think vividly of all the shit that happen and replace them with a positive past. My mother always said that money was the root of all evil. This is something that was stuck in the mind. I then imagined(created alternate past)my mother saying to me as a child that money is not the root of all evil and that money could be used to help so many people around the world. Creating an alternate past helps to make more progressive and positive decisions in the future. This is not mumbo jumbo as I thought at first. Creating an alternate past helped to settle all the troubles in my mind. I also experienced calm and tranquillity within and was able to sleep like a baby.


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