Weddings in China

I think everyone knows that the country of the middle is called the most numerous state of the world and one of the oldest civilizations in the world, the source of Asia. It is of course about China, a powerful power that has already been in antiquity the directions for the development of smaller kingdoms, such as Korea and Japan, and its culture and civilization spread across the Asian continent, reaching even Europe. Some historical sources even believe that Chinese monks were the first to reach the shores of America before Columbus, but it is difficult to prove today. China fell over time, however, into Mongolian bondage-the Qing dynasty, and then came a heavy period of colonization and breakdown, which was associated with dividing this country into many small kingdoms, ruled by warlords of the exploited people.

China still retains the status of a communist state, but as many things in Asia, also the “communism ” is apparent, and indeed this regime is referred to as “state capitalism “, in which there is freedom of economic trade, and the owners The largest companies are party activists. This strange system, to some extent, corresponds to the Confucian mentality of this nation, and he has made the state of the measure become a great power.

And how will they evolve in the future? We don’t have to worry about it, especially not about wedding gifts Aliexpress. For this country the prospects are excellent and I am sure that soon we will be able to read even more about the power plans of China. And those, I would like to follow on my blog, to which I encourage reading.

Weddings in China

Wedding ceremony in chinachsomething really unique-both in symbolic and aesthetic sense. In a symbolic sense, because it is both formal (the spouses become a family in the formal sense, the wedding is treated as defined by the applicable law) and informal-the groom and the bride decide on the step, which is the wedding, and, Looking in the eyes, they repeat the word of the marriage oath, declare each other by two people that they will love, respect and care for themselves for the rest of their lives. The whole is in the presence of the closest young people – their family and friends. That is why it is said that the wedding is such an important event. In fact, it is a form of objectivity of the feelings which the two once unknown to themselves, which are no longer imagining how they could live without themselves.
The Chinese wedding is also an interesting aesthetic event, especially when it will take care of its proper course. Beautiful bride’s gown, church decorations, decorated car, guests in the festive costumes that include Aliexpress wedding dresses.

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All this emphasizes the symbolic, emotional dimension of the ceremony and makes the wedding an event almost magical, fairy-tale or fabulous. However, it must not be forgotten that the wedding season comes after these weddings, that is, as it usually happens, the party is already far more ground. The fact that the wedding is already less touching and is rather an entertainment part does not mean that the wedding decorations are less important than these interior décor or bridal lingerie Aliexpress.

The wedding hall must suitably well and elegantly present, even when what is to be knitted on it, equally elegant will not be-anyone who was once at the wedding, certainly is able to imagine, or rather recall, unleavening games and fun, which the guests usually indulge. Oriental, Asian decorations should be remembered that they should correspond, after all, with the chosen by the young style and decorations, in which it was organized the whole wedding. Only this consistency is the guarantor of the good impression you want to do on the guest. If we do not care about it, the more demanding can be even the organization of the event disappointed, and such marketing of the case does not want any host.

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